A map of our emerging #beinvested curriculum

Did you inherit money? \\ Want to change your relationship to investing? // Are you looking for community and support in doing this work?

Join a series of pop-up video calls with other young inheritors to talk about our questions, what we’ve figured out, and move together toward more alignment with our values.  The goal of these calls is to create a community that includes accountability, witnessing, and supporting each other in transforming our financial practices.

The theme of January’s calls will be: How can we create an online community that helps us transform our investing practices?

rsvp for google calendar link to: beinvestedtogether@gmail.com

Last fall, after attending impact investing conferences COCAP and SOCAP, Ari and Kate, leaders of Regenerative Finance, were fired up about organizing inheritors. Ari had a flash of brilliance, asking:

how can we move out of a transactional “investing” mindset into a holistic practice of “being invested?”


This fall Ari, Kate and Licia started planning the launch of the #beinvested learning community. In this project, young inheritors are engaged and supported through political education and the opportunity to connect with each other. BeInvested helps investors understand them/ourselves as whole people, implicated in systems that have created past harms and hurts and that continue to do so.  The curriculum helps participants move toward reintegration, reparations, and regeneration – one aspect of which is moving financial capital.

We envision investors engaging fully and showing up with integrity. In this world, “investor” no longer exists as a label because the role has shifted from a transactional relationship of “power over” to a deep relationship of full participation, of “power with.” Those who give financial support understand how to navigate power dynamics and how to share power in a healthy way. In addition, they offer more holistic support to projects by giving money, knowledge, time, creativity and care. They are able to receive money, knowledge, time, creativity and care from the projects with grace. Investment projects are home to warm, reciprocal relationships and kind, clear communication.

We’re inviting you to invest in us! Launching this community of practice will unlock millions and millions of dollars in gift and investment in the form of reparations, investments in indigenous sovereignty, investments in community loan funds that center racial and economic justice, and more. It’s a huge return (financial and spiritual) on the $40,000-$60,000 we need to resource this community of practice over the next year. So please donate here! If you’re an inheritor looking to heal your financial practices you can email us at beinvestedtogether@gmail.com to schedule a call to help you discern what size gift will be a good fit for you.

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